Mask It was formed in 2009 by Tony Letizio an umpire for 24 years.  Over the years we as umpires allowed ourselves to have the pleasure of being struck in the face by foul balls on a regular basis.  Due to this, I had several masks that  were severely damaged and not safe to wear on the field anymore.  I found a way that I can repair and recoat the frame at a reasonable cost. Thus, Mask-It was formed. There are NEW replacement pads and harnesses that can be purchased and placed on your OLD beat up damaged frame but in the end… it’s still an OLD beat up frame. Why not put those nice new pads and harness on a refurbished, like new frame?  We at Mask-It will take your old frame and refurbish and powder coat it to what ever color you would like in our state of the art Connecticut facility. It doesn’t matter what the original color is, we sandblast the old finish off, inspect the frame for any damage, fix all dents and welds, heat treat the metal and then powder coat the frame. The final outcome is that you have a like new mask where you now can put your new pads and harness on and look good and feel safe on the field. We also refurbish catcher masks, hockey style frames along with lacrosse frames. If it’s metal… we’ll fix it. There is no other company out there that can match what we do here at Mask- It at a reasonable price. The average cost of a new mask is $70.00 for a conventional style plus shipping charges and $150.00 and up for hockey style.  Keep your favorite mask and save.

With our fast and reliable service along with an outstanding finished product it’s a HOMERUN. The proof is on your face.  Don’t believe me?  Just read what they’re saying about their refurbished masks.